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Featured Artists

Sammy Butts
Artwork Title:
Totally Boba!
Artist Bio
Sammy Butts is currently an Architecture major at the University of Houston. Sammy is an avid member of several different organizations around campus, and primarily stays busy with the University of Houston Ambassadors and the Spirit of Houston Cougar Marching Band. Sammy notes he finds himself spending a lot of time with variety of artsy hobbies including painting, playing bass instruments, web design, photography, and disc jockeying.
For more information on Sammy's Artwork please visit www.sammybutts.com

Whitney Collins
Artwork Title:
The Wall
Pot Shop
School Movement
Sun Salutations
Bubbles Movement

Artist Bio
Whitney Collins is currently a Business major at the University of Houston. A native born Houstonian and now a proud Cougar, Whitney has been making art practically since birth. Whitney loves photography, painting, printing, or any combination of the three. Although a business major, Whitney hopes to earn a minor in art and eventually open up an art gallery. For those interested in any of Whitney's work displayed in Tealicious or anything else she may have, please feel free to contact her through the Tealicious website.

Did you know?

Tealicious Drinks freshly prepares our boba everyday.
Never frozen or quickly processed, at Tealicious Drinks our boba/tapioca is always slow-cooked throughout the day to ensure quality and freshness. For those who enjoy a more fruity selection, try our wide selection of fruit jellies. Have fun with your drinks!